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04-26-2018 - 01-28-2018
Afroventures Overland Touring

Afroventures is the first (and only) motorcycle touring company in Malawi. It is based in the city of Blantyre, and this location lends itself to some epic overlanding routes on its doorstep, whether just in Malawi itself, or a trip further afield to neighbouring African countries.  

Motorcycle touring provides you with a unique perspective and freedom of travelling on and off-road, and what better place to start that adventure than in the warm heart of Africa. You choose the path, experience the adventure.


Did we mention that we also have state of the art touring bikes, regularly serviced by skilled technicians, so rest assured it’s a comfortable ride!




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Nyasa Adventures LTD

Nyasa Adventures is an adventure tour operator based in Blantyre, Malawi. The business is owned by three young Malawians with a passion for Malawi and a huge 'sharing' heart. The company is registered in Malawi and incorporated under the Malawi Companies Act and a member of the Malawi Tourism Council.

The company is specialised in adventure, cultural and bespoke travel to Malawi, while also servicing the regular tourist with tailor-made itineraries. Our unique business model is to help the world travel to Malawi responsibly. Nyasa Adventures practices responsible tourism and makes sure that the benefits of the industry reach the local communities. Realising that community based tourism is key to improving a country’s economy, the company intends to establish itself as a leader in sustainable travel to Malawi.

The company has a whole section that organises Mulanje Mountain Expeditions for individuals and groups at very competitive rates. Our mountain guides have immense experience and you will love these expeditions.



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Mlambe Adventure Safaris

Mlambe Adventure Safaris  is based in Lilongwe, the capital city of Malawi.  We are a Registered Safari and
Tour Company and a member of the Malawi Tourism Association.
Mlambe is a Chichewa word which means “Baobab tree”. Mlambe Safaris is Malawi citizen owner-managed
company providing Tours and Safaris in Malawi & Zambia. The company started with the aim  of providing
Tours  &  Safaris  for  individuals,  families  &  groups.  We  offer  some  of  the  best  destinations  and
accommodations in Malawi & Zambia. From your first decision to go on safari to its successful conclusion.
Our objective is to run tours and safaris which provide the tourists with the various diverse touristic benefits
of Africa all in one tour or safari. Therefore we  run safaris that combine two  countries and do it at the most
affordable price and in the most respective time to the clients’ needs. Should clients want to do one country or
two only or any special interest tour/safari, we just tailor it to their specification and budget.

We have a reputation for employing excellent guides and for always going the extra mile for guests. All of our
team  members  have  a  deep  love  for  the  African  bush  and  a  desire  to  share  their  passion  with  others.  Our
website has some sample itineraries for inspiration, but each trip is fully customized.
We are experienced in:
  Photographic safari-lodge and camping, scheduled departures for groups.
  Tailor-made packages for Cultural and Bush safaris in Malawi and Zambia.
  Coordinate our guests travel arrangements to tie in the best destinations with the most comfortable
and practical transport options.
  Hotel/Lodge and resorts bookings in Malawi and Zambia.
  Car Hire reservations (4x4s & Mini Buses) and transfers in all the above countries.
  Student tour packages that suits students' budget.
  Holidays in tropical environment perfectly suited towards groups and individuals. {Lake Malawi
  Film Crew management and logistics


04-26-2018 - 04-28-2018

Kiboko Safaris is one of the leading tourism companies based in Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi. 

It has been operating since 1998 and has established itself as a trendsetting tourism enterprise within Malawi and Zambia. Kiboko safaris have been set to give you the opportunity to compose the personalised safari you want and suits your travel expectations and budget!




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Land & Lake Safaris

Established in 1986, Land & Lake has been leading specialized safaris and adventure excursions across Malawi and Zambia for over 30 years.

Located in Malawi’s Capital – Lilongwe – Our booking offices and café are centrally located to some of the best that Central Africa has to offer, from the depths of Lake Malawi to the front seat of an open 4x4 game viewing vehicle in South Luangwa National park.

Our dedication to continued conservation efforts in Malawi make us a proud establishment that that caters to both individual travelers and large groups, both locally and internationally.

The range of services that we offer includes weekend getaways, active based tours, specialized itineraries, day trips and exploratory camping adventures.


Choose from Self-Driving options that cater to your destinations, fully guided tours with experienced guides, transfers for those hard to reach destinations & Hotel/Lodge bookings to meet you on the other side. 


Department of Tourism

Tourism House, Off Convention Drive

Private Bag 326

City Centre, Lilongwe


Contact Info

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: +265 1 775 499 / 722 702

Cell: +265 999 049 439

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