Apply for Hosted International Media Programme

It is important that you take time go through these Terms of reference carefully and ensure that you understand the contents before going ahead to express your interest and further confirm your participation as a Hosted Buyer during the Malawi Travel Expo scheduled to take place from 26 – 28 April 2018.

Hosted Buyers’ Terms of Reference

1. Introduction
These Terms of reference, govern the agreement between the Malawi Department of Tourism, Private Bag 326, Lilongwe, Malawi and the hosted buyer.

2. Registration and Confirmation
To express interest to participate as a hosted buyer for the Malawi Travel Expo, the preliminary interest will be expressed through responding to an invitation sent by the Malawi Department of Tourism. You will be required to respond to preliminary screening questions which are part of the invitation letter.
2.1 You are responsible for the accuracy of the information you submit including your contact details and your company profile.
2.2 Submitting an expression of interest a guarantee of actual acceptance by the Malawi Department of Tourism to host you as a buyer during the Malawi Expo. Only MDOT written confirmation will guarantee your participation as Hosted Buyers for MITE 2018.

3. Participation at the Malawi Travel Expo Event
3.1 As a Hosted Buyer, you are expected to attend to ALL activities outlined in the ‘Hosted Buyer’s Programme’
3.2 Hosted buyers WILL NOT are allowed to change Familiarization Tour itineraries Option after confirmation. All buyers who would like to make trips outside the set itinerary will meet their own costs and further make their own arrangements.
  1. Other Issues
  • The Malawi Department of Tourism will where possible pay for air transfers between countries of origin directly serviced by the following carriers Ethiopian Airlines, South African Airways and Kenya Airways.
  • The pre-and post-local familiarization tours will be fully sponsored by the MDOT that includes local round transfers, meals and accommodation.
  • Visa costs are the responsibility of the buyer.
  • Meals will constitute a full meal with a soft drink and water. Alcohol beverages will not be sponsored by MDOT and those taking alcoholic beverages will have to settle the alcohol bills on their own.
  • Laundry will be at owner’s expense and NOT that of MDOT
  • Telephone calls bills while at the hotel will be at the buyer’s expense and NOT that of MDOT.
    4. Cancellations
Any cancellation to participate as a hosted buyer should be in writing and notification should be given not later than 15th March, 2018. Cancellation after the stated date will attract a surcharge of USD 100.
4.1 In the event that due to unforeseen circumstances you are unable to participate at the event, you are at liberty to nominate a colleague from your organization who should be at a senior level. The changes should be communicated to MDOT by or before 30th March, 2018 and sent to
Thanking you for your cooperation and looking forward to welcoming you to Malawi-the Warm Heart of Africa.


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